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Save Lives by Bringing Emergency Care Everywhere!

Focusing on our most important resource: People!

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Thanks to your support, we have been able to bring emergency medicine to Mozambique. As a result, lives are being saved on a daily basis at Maputo Central Hospital.

Now is the time to start spreading the word to other hospitals across Mozambique in collaboration with our University and Ministry of Health Partners.

We need your help to keep the momentum on this work. Your dollars make a difference. $227 helps us pay the rent for one week on housing for visiting volunteers so they can focus on teaching. $732 covers our operations management costs for a full month. And $1813 is needed to cover our month medical direction in Mozambique.

I know many people like the idea of buying something solid. You can help us by sponsoring a single $589 air-conditioner unit--it is currently 107 degrees in one of the clinical spaces. However, the history of material donations is marked by mountains of equipment that lays in waste due to lack of trained operators or repair technicians. Like tens of thousands of dollars that was spent on ventilators during COVID--although we do our best to reappropriate and make use of these.

While each of our costs may see mundane, the return on these investments is starting to compound we have been able to make progress month by month both in training and relationship building in Mozambique. The result has been a life saving force that is in action on a daily basis. The return on your investment is knowledge and capability growth that outlasts machines and that multiplies itself as word is spread and skills are shared!